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Lighting Design and Consultancy

Garden Lighting Design

Lighting design is one of our more specialist areas - if you need professional advice on lighting installations, especially architectural or domestic / commercial garden lighting, then you need look no further.

Garden Lighting

We take a look at your garden and decide the best lighting solution for your situation.
We use our experience to consider safety, focal points, lighting effectiveness and creative techniques to provide you with the optimum solution for your location.
Power usage and levels of lighting are important in these days of environmental awareness and you can be assured that our solutions will be cost effective in addition to being visually attractive.

Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural lighting design combines aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency and ergonomic considerations.

All buildings, old and new, can benefit from good exterior lighting and in the interior lighting design can dramatically enhance the workplace, providing a modern, comfortable environment which in turn helps to promote employment and employee satisfaction and productivity.
Bad exterior lighting can ruin a buildings look and hence companies image just as quickly as shoddy work and poor advertising.

Why take the risk?
Contact us now!

We also have experience in lighting monuments and churches etc

Retail Lighting

We have designed systems large and small for many retail clients.
Projects have included full systems in including programmable LEDs to minor tweaks in shop windows.
The lighting and window displays are what bring your customers in, without these you will have no business!
Take no chances; get us to use our experience to provide you with the right solution.


Efficient systems that are farm proof!
Agricultural areas require special protection that does not apply in other areas; this includes not just things covered by the regulations but also by common sense and experience.
Vermin do not read the regulations but make up their own, but fortunately, we know that!


Three phase and single phase installations covered, from little extensions to new installations, power and lighting circuits to computer networks.


All aspects of design, installation and maintenance of car park and access way systems covered.
We can get all those old lights out and start again, or coax them back to life (sometimes!) just extend what you have got.
Working together, it can be sorted.